Dramas feature working women; CM of the week: Google Nexus 7

Japan’s current administration says it wants to boost women’s participation in the workforce, so TV responds with the new series “Miss Pilot” (Fuji TV, Tues., 9 p.m.), starring Maki Horikita as Haru, who is about to graduate from university and still has not found a job. Since she has no ambitions and is frustrated by interviews, the search doesn’t go well. Then she sees a poster for a pilot-training program and gives it a try.

At the explanation session she meets Hisato (Saki Aibu), a graduate of Tokyo University whose dream is to be a pilot. Temperamentally she is the opposite of Haru, and though Haru doesn’t think she’ll pass, she takes the test anyway. Will she make Abe proud? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Another series about female professionals, “Dr. X” (TV Asaho. Thurs., 9 p.m.), returns to the air this week. It was the top-rated drama series last year, with Ryoko Yonekura as Michiko Daimon, a freelance surgeon who thrives on the challenge of impossible procedures.

Michiko flies to Hokkaido to operate on a thoroughbred that was seriously injured in a race. The horse’s veterinarian says the animal will have to be put down, but the owner, Kazuyo (Yoshiko Mita), resists because she paid a lot of money for it. She hires Michiko to see what she can do and the operation is a success.

After returning to Tokyo, Michiko attends a conference at a university medical center and is introduced to the chief of internal medicine — who happens to be Kazuyo.

CM of the week: Google Nexus 7

A young, bespectacled male elementary school teacher is trying to lead his female students in a dance routine, but he’s awkward and uncertain. The girls are up for it but confused.

Back in the teacher’s room he consults his new Google Nexus tablet by searching for “ways to teach dance.” At home he receives advice from his female senior over his Nexus, and downloads metronome apps and videos of street dancers. He even learns how to choreograph with the device. Slowly he gains confidence. He’s moving in rhythm as he walks to work. He gets down.

Eventually he’s ready, and the girls seem more taken by his confidence than his dance skills, which haven’t really improved. It’s a disarmingly honest CM: We’ll help you, but don’t expect to become Beyoncé overnight.