P.O.L. Style

by Mark Jarnes

Special To The Japan Times

DJ P.O.L. Style (Paul Beveridge) moved to Tokyo from Glasgow in 2003. He created the Numbers Tokyo party series and produces his own beats under the T&A Records, Tiger Bass and Nightshifters imprints. Ahead of this week’s Yume Fest, The Japan Times looks in his record bag.

Golden Oldie: Drexciya — “Journey Home” (Warp). Drexciya (R.I.P.) is one of my favorite producers. What makes this special to me though is that it’s the tune that got me into electronic music at 16.

New Classic: Mosca — “Bax” (Numbers). This track combines everything I love about old U.K. garage and bassline house, with super flossy production technics. It’s guaranteed to become a club staple.

Floor Filler: Lil Silva — “Pulse vs. Flex” (Night Slugs). When I play this (or any other Lil Silva tune for that matter) the crowd goes mental. He’s the best U.K. funky producer in my opinon.

Must-Listen: My mix for Mad Decent, which is straight garage vibes!

P.O.L. Style plays Club Asia in Tokyo on Nov. 18 with Lil Silva and at Yume Fest in Tokyo on Nov. 19. For details, visit and Also, check out some tunes at