TOKYO: The Complete Residents' Guide, by Andy Sharp, Beau Miller, Frank Spignese, Jennifer Geaconne-Cruz, Julian Satterthwaite, Karryn Cartelle, Tamsin Bradshaw. Dubai: Explorer Group, Ltd., 2008, 444 pp., profusely illustrated, $14.99 (paper)

This book, says the introduction, "is going to help you to get to know the city, its people, their culture and customs, and much more." It is not, it avers, just another tourist guidebook. Rather, it is "filled with everything you need to know to make the most of life in Tokyo." In fact, "from local festivals to finding your dream home, we'll tell you how and where to do it."

To this extent then this guide resembles the recent "Handbook for Newcomers, Migrants and Immigrant to Japan" by Arudou Debito and Higuchi Akira, a volume that, in considerably more detail, treats similar subjects: documentation, certificates, licenses, working permissions, financial and legal affairs, housing problems.

"The Complete Resident's Guide," however, is much more popularly written and contains an amount of information of equal appeal to the tourist. There are also very large and full sections on eating out, on bars and pubs, on specialty restaurants, and nearly 60 entries under "Shopping."