Former Takarazuka (all-female musical) star Yuki Amami returns as attorney Takako Mamiya in “Rikon Bengoshi 2 (Divorce Lawyer 2)” (Fuji TV, Tuesday, 9 p.m.). In this week’s episode, a young woman named Mari comes to Takako’s office for advice.

Mari has been having an affair with a man named Kitao, who is the owner and president of a construction company. Kitao is married but he and his wife have been separated for some time. Mari tells Takako that Kitao has told her he is willing to divorce and marry Mari.

Later, however, Mari says she cannot get in touch with Kitao, and that none of their mutual acquaintances have seen him. Then, Takako picks up the newspaper and reads a story that says the company president has died after falling off the balcony of his high-rise condominium. Takako decides to pay Kitao’s wife a visit.

Funny physicians find romance in the two-hour drama, “Renai Naika 25-ji (Love Medicine 25:00)” (TBS, Wednesday, 9 p.m.), which stars Yu Yoshizawa as young Dr. Sasaki, who works at a clinic specializing in stress-related ailments.

The doctor was once a surgeon, but now dispenses advice and treatment that is closer in methodology and purpose to psychiatry than it is to internal medicine.

One of his patients is a woman who claims that she is “addicted to marriage.” Her obsessive-compulsive tendencies are thus transferred to the doctor, and she comes to visit him every day. The clinic’s chief physician, a woman, warns Sasaki that he shouldn’t get emotionally involved with patients. But then the woman announces that she is going to get married to a plastic surgeon whom she met through a marriage consultant.

More professional hijinks highlight the drama special “Yatai Bengoshi (Street Stall Lawyer)” (Fuji TV, Friday, 9 p.m.), which stars veteran actor Masatoshi Nakamura as Ichiro, an attorney who can’t seem to make money, but not because he doesn’t try. Ichiro is very impressionable, and tends to take on clients because he feels sorry for them. In the end, they usually don’t pay him.

Out of the blue, Ichiro’s father, Taro (Shiro Ito), re-enters his life. Taro disappeared years ago after Ichiro’s mother died. Now, he operates a street stall that serves ramen.

Taro’s reappearance causes Ichiro to reassess his life and work, especially since his wife has just asked him for a divorce. Taro was once a police detective, and Ichiro thinks he may be able to help him with a case that is running away from him. A woman whose freelance-writer husband has died mysteriously has hired Ichiro to find out more, and against his better judgment Ichiro takes the job. Taro and his ramen stall suddenly come in handy.

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