German artists Susanne Ring and Oliver Grajewski are holding a joint exhibition of their works under the title "She-Devil -- Icke Ooch" ("She-Devil -- Whatever") at Gallery ef in Asakusa, Tokyo.

"She-Devil -- Icke Ooch" (2001), a joint work by Susanne Ring and Oliver Grajewski

Since graduating from the Academy of Arts in Berlin in 1996, Ring has exhibited her installations throughout Germany. In this, her first show in Japan, she displays a striking combination of objets, paintings and clothing, including garments embroidered with cute yet devilish motifs and anime-style illustrations.

Ring is responsible for the first half of the exhibition title, "She-Devil," a phrase that she says best captures her image of women: strong, courageous and passionate, with emotions so intense as to overwhelm most men. Her work, she says, is an appeal to all women to live as they believe.

Grajewski, who finished his studies at the Academy of Painting Arts in Berlin in 1997, is behind the title's second half, "Icke Ooch," German slang for "whatever."

Grajewski values acceptance of the way things are and believes that life's everyday incidents -- encounters and memories -- are its most significant. In his illustrations he records moments from his daily life as in a diary.

This exhibition displays original pictures from "Tigerboy," a manga-like graphic book Grajewski published in Germany in 1999, as well as up-to-the-minute illustrations depicting his stay here in Japan.