Named, of course, after the iconic beagle, Snoopy is “a ball of curiosity” (as one ARK staffer put it). Still just 3 years old, he’s young and fit and has all the traits you’d expect of a beagle. He watches people very closely, and when he’s out on walks he’ll keep his nose to the ground — an indication of his love of picking up new scents.

Admittedly, Snoopy needs more work on walking nicely on a leash, but dog runs are one of his favorite things. Whether it's racing around or chasing balls, Snoopy is one super-energetic pup.

Snoopy needs a home where someone can keep him company.
Snoopy needs a home where someone can keep him company. | KANA MATSUTANI

As much as he loves being energetic, the opposite is true: Snoopy loves people to bits and loves lapping up every bit of affection he can get, but when he’s left alone, Snoopy has a bark that’s impossible to miss. That’s why he needs a home where someone can keep him company, preferably one where the neighbors aren’t too close (or they’re huge beagle lovers).

Of course, Snoopy may settle down when he finds a real home, but being a beagle — well, let’s just say, I wouldn’t bet on it!

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