If it’s looks you want but without people staring at you, then Truffle is your dog.

Sweet, adorable, gentle — but also very timid — this stunningly marked fellow looks like he just emerged from the jungle or just stepped off the savanna. His background is unknown but he’s definitely closer to his roots than most. He’s believed to have some Kai Ken in him, a rare breed of Japanese dog whose markings are often along this line but not nearly so distinct.

Truffle was born in March and came to ARK with five of his siblings. Wary and worried, after he gets a bit comfortable with you, you'll find he starts to lean on you, heavily. Interpret this as if he shows you his worried face, you’ve captured his soul. He needs time to trust people but we’re pretty sure it’s just a matter of time.

Truffle is expected to become quite big, perhaps about 20 kilograms, but loves walks and he’d doing great with leash training. He’d possibly be a good match for a companion dog — one that is relaxed and happy, not the kind that would add to his worries. Healthy and handsome, Truff is going to turn heads. We hope he’ll turn yours.

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