Bold black Kampei and his more reserved counterpart, the ginger Sushiro, came from totally different backgrounds and different parts of Japan. However, they are now an unstoppable pair.

Three-year-old Sushiro was rescued from a Gunma hoarder and, having received very little attention, was so timid that he spent his early days at ARK hiding. But Kampei, an abandoned Osakan orphan about 2 years old, started to work his magic on Sushiro the moment they met.

Soon, shy Sushiro was asking to be picked up and started craving the attention he had never had. He is now in love with a good lap to snuggle up in. Kampei is truly fearless and despite looking like a panther he doesn’t have the agility of one. He is quite the socialite, chatty and always eager to get involved. Just like Sushiro, he is also an avid fan of laps.