Get fit: Zac is a strong dog who loves to get exercise in the park. | SEITARO MATSUO
Get fit: Zac is a strong dog who loves to get exercise in the park. | SEITARO MATSUO

As anyone can tell when they first meet him, Zac is a very good-looking dog. He’s 6 years old and weighs in at over 20 kilograms.

Strong and excitable, Zac was likely a poor match for his elderly owner, but when that owner had to be institutionalized due to severe senility, Zac was sent to relatives and eventually to ARK.

The barrage of changes and unfamiliarity with other dogs and cats took their toll on Zac. He had loved getting attention and being pampered, and these two things are not readily available in a shelter environment. However, he has been given a lot of help learning to trust and like people.

Exercise helps Zac relax. He has made wonderful progress and now welcomes more people into his circle of friends. He’s extremely smart and learns quickly. He’s also funny and very practical.

Like most sensible fitness buffs, he sees no reason to go romping about on hot days, and rainy days are meant for rest. Along those common-sense lines, there’s no fooling Zac that his present situation is little more than tolerable. But, a family to call his own? Now you’re making sense!

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