Reading the headlines can sometimes leave a woman feeling numb. We’re reminded constantly that there are threats to our safety, an anxiety that’s likely felt by any member of a minority group in a society.

Overseas headlines in recent weeks have been particularly tough. In Britain, the murder of Sarah Everard — for which a police officer was charged — prompted an outpouring of grief from women who held vigils in Everard’s name, which were then met with a problematic response by police in London; in Australia, rallies were held to protest sexual harassment and assault amid a scandal unfolding in the country’s parliament; and in the United States a man killed eight people in a shooting spree in Atlanta, seven of whom were women and six of whom were of Asian descent.

Every time one of these headlines pops up in our social media feeds, it only reminds us of what we as women are sadly aware of on a daily basis. We all know the fear of walking down the street, and the need to watch our backs and send text messages to let others know we’re safe.