Once expected to fill the role of Japan’s top prosecutor, Hiromu Kurokawa has resigned in disgrace after journalists were shocked to learn that he was a habitual gambler who had for years played mahjong for money with, er, journalists and even partook of this possibly criminal hobby when regular folks were in quarantine.

Before this convenient revelation, however, the shambolic efforts of the Abe government to keep him on the payroll past his statutory retirement age had managed to annoy a broad spectrum of society, drawing criticism even from kawaii pop singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who I only know of otherwise for an annoying song about fake eyelashes that I downloaded drunk in the hope it would be prove amusing in an ironic way when I was sober (it has not).

Needless to say, prosecutorial retirement age is an odd thing for people to rally about, so this article will try to provide some background.