Tenri, who was first featured here in June of 2018, has found a home with the Shimaoka family of Hyogo Prefecture: father, Kenji, and his three children Kentaro, Yuna and Himari.

The petite brown tabby has since been rechristened Latte and came to the family at a time of immeasurable grief.

“My wife died suddenly of heart failure,” says Kenji. “She wasn’t ill or frail and it happened so suddenly it was a great shock. I was terribly lonely and knew my children had to be too.”

When Kentaro said he wanted to have another cat, Kenji made the decision to adopt and the family looked for a playful youngster to complement their older cat, Marron. Browsing photos, the Shimaokas decided they wanted a tabby and, at first meeting, Latte’s friendliness sealed the deal.

Nervous at first, Kenji says “she has now taken over the entire house. She’s very friendly and even looks for attention from visitors. She loves toys and is so cute playing with them.”

Latte wakes the family up “very early every morning” for breakfast and though she didn’t eat much in the beginning she is reported to have quite the appetite now.

“She seems to really like Marron’s food and enjoys stealing it,” says Kenji. Latte is also very interested in the family’s pet squirrel and watches it intently in its cage. Though Kenji says they are all very careful the squirrel comes to no harm and have even installed a baby monitor, he admits, “The way Latte wolfs down her food after watching him is a bit unnerving!

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