A lot of love: Blewit, a poodle-Shih Tzu mix, was first featured here in July 2016 after being rescued from severe neglect in a hoarder's hellhole. Those dark days are long gone now, as Blewit, rechristened Itty, finds himself in a virtual paradise with his new owners Machi Ojima (above left) and her husband, Noriyoshi Yamamoto (right). Things were not easy when Itty first joined the household, as the little dog suffered severe anxiety at being left alone and was also terrified of many noises. But the Kanagawa couple stuck by him with the support he needed. Itty proved to be "a really quick study," Machi says, "and it's hard to believe he was so nervous when we got him. We often say to each other, 'We're so lucky. We got a genius!'" It's been an enriching situation all around. "I can't help thinking about how happy I am and how wonderful life is with him," Machi says. "Itty has also cut our expenses down. We don't want to eat out because it's more fun to be with him! We call our evening drink a "toast to Itty." He really is the best thing that could have happened to us. We even love watching him sleep."

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