First featured here over a year ago, Pickles finds herself still in somewhat of a pickle, still in the barrel with all the others in need of homes. Found wandering the streets alone by the police two years ago, Pickles was rescued from the pound at the moment of doom. But she has been at the shelter ever since.

One staff member, Natasha Hajjar, speaks for all who know this girl in saying, “I just do not understand why she is still at the shelter. She’s an awesome, awesome dog with so much potential and lots of love to give.”

Pickles, though 9 years old, has the energy levels of a puppy. Just over 18 kilograms, she’s on the strong side, but certainly manageable. She’s all fun, says Hajjar, “friendly and bubbly, great with kids and she’s got those dopey, floppy ears I love! She is very active, and likes to run and chase things. She’s is also very confident, very smart and has a gorgeous coat, almost spotted.”

Another thing she has is an interesting lineage. Though Pickles looks like an English gun dog, DNA testing points to an unusual mix of Akita, chow chow and coonhound. And that proves what we all knew: Pickles is much more than a hound dog, and she’s definitely in a class of her own!

If you are interested in adopting Pickles, email ARK at [email protected] or call 050-1557-2763 Monday to Saturday (bilingual) for more info. Tokyo ARK is an NPO founded by Briton Elizabeth Oliver. It is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming abandoned animals. All animals are vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. Prospective owners are requested to undergo a screening process. Web: