First featured here in April, Nakamun now graces the home of the Boldi family from Italy, who reside in Tokyo. Here, the Boldi younger son, Valter, shares a toy with his new cat, whom mother Donella says has lived up to all their expectations of being the fine fellow he was said to be, especially one good with children. The whole family — Donella, husband Guido and their two boys, Oscar and Valter — are Nakamun's new playmates. "He is always with us, looking for attention and cuddles. He likes playing with all of us, even our 4-year-old." A bit of initial shyness quickly turned to trust. "We call him the 'dog-cat.' When we close a door he waits for us in front of it. He knows exactly what time we wake up, and when he wants to play he stands in front of his toy and 'points' to it. When Valter plays with his Legos, Nakamun will lie down in the middle of them and even allow him to put them on his head!"

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