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A peach of a pinscher named Pear

The miniature pinscher Pear loves to fidget and her energy is partly to blame for her rather goggly-eyed expression here. Pear is really quite the cutie, incredibly affectionate and infinitely portable at just over 5 kg, though she does need to put on a bit of weight. She came from a family with seven dogs and had to be given up when the owner fell ill. Pear was apparently well-loved, but not very fond of the other canines she lived with. She loves people, however — especially women — and her first reaction when she meets someone is to go up and rub her head against him or her in greeting. She’ll jump like a jack-in-the-box when she’s in her playpen and with her big ears, she may just be trying to attempt liftoff. In any case, her adorability is sure to give spirits a huge lift.

If you are interested in adopting Pear, email ARK at Tokyoark@arkbark.net or call 050-1557-2763 Monday to Saturday (bilingual) for more information. Tokyo ARK is an NPO founded by Briton Elizabeth Oliver. It is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming abandoned animals. All animals are vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. Prospective owners are requested to undergo a screening process.

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