Don’t let it go to your head, but as a foreigner in Japan, there’s no escaping those often-flattering comparisons to famous faces. Inspired by Baye McNeil’s Black Eye column “Unpacking koto: retain, discard and repeat as necessary,” Mark Buckton asked foreigners in Tokyo which celebrities they have been likened to.

Hannah Ilett
Primary school teacher, 22 (English)
I think the only person people have said I resemble would be Rachel Weisz, the English actress in the famous movie “The Mummy.” But that was from a time before I dyed my hair.

Umang Sharma
“Gentleman,” 24 (Indian)
It has been said that I look like a famous Bollywood actor from India called Aditya Pancholi, from a time when he had hair. Nowadays he has no hair and is about 50 years of age, but that is the guy I apparently resemble.

Conor Aherne
English teacher, 22 (English)
Definitely Justin Bieber, the Canadian singer, mainly because of my hairstyle being very similar, my overall style — including the type of jeans I wear, and the fact that I always wear these sunglasses. So Justin Bieber it is!

Lucy Liu
Accountant, 22 (English)
Because of my name and looks I am most often compared to the American actress Lucy Liu, as we share the same name. Physically it would be Julia Stiles from “10 Things I Hate About You,” but maybe she is not known here.

Victor Listrat
Law student, 22 (French)
I have been compared to Johnny Depp before. It was at a time when I had longer hair, and I also used to wear a hat around three years ago. And of course, I have the beard as well!

Businessman, 40 (Nigerian)
People have said I look like Snoop Dogg, the American rapper and actor, both facially and because of my build. No one has ever said that about my voice, though — just the physical side of things.

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