Has Abenomics improved things for you or the country over the past year?

Anna Marie Benares, 34
Kindergarten English teacher (Filipino)
I can’t really say that things have improved for the country as I don’t often have the chance to follow politics. But, based on what I feel about my family, things have improved in the last year. I’m not sure if it’s because of Abenomics, but some things have changed for the better.

Ben Robins, 40
Voice recognition specialist (Aussie)
I’ve had a significant pay increase due to the yen’s devaluation and benefited from the rise in the Nikkei, but the prospect of higher consumption tax and rising living costs looks far from rosy. Local production is benefiting and markets are surging, so things look good on the surface, but how long until everything implodes?

Yuri Kai, 32
Working mother (Japanese)
Nothing has improved for me since Abenomics began. Not only did my husband see his bonus cut, but our nursery school just announced they will raise monthly fees. And soon we will have a tax hike too! Abenomics is nothing but an empty slogan for the Liberal Democratic Party, and it has had no positive effect on our daily life.

Bill Jokela, 43
IT contractor (American)
The so-called Abenomics concept seems to be producing some clear winners and losers. Companies that still rely on exports are benefiting from a weaker yen. That said, salaries don’t seem to be rising to compensate for less buying power, and that is a problem many are now facing.

Mayumi Sakashita, 34
Assistant sales planner (Japanese)
Neither salaries nor bonuses are increasing. so I don’t see the prime minister’s growth strategy as moving forward. But I do have high expectations for his policies on the advancement of women, and I would ask him to not just pass a Diet bill, but to also take real action to help every woman.

Satoshi Washino, 35
Businessman (Japanese)
Abenomics is a very dangerous gamble. When you look at it, there are two issues: First, there’s quantitative easing, which helps boost foreign investment, but we common folk need to see salary increases, not stock-price increases. In the second area of its growth strategy, the government has yet to set out any clear policies.

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