Sho Hara
Translator, 42 (Japanese)

Nagoya. The food is terrible; they use miso in every dish, and I really don’t like that. Other than that cuisine, they only have eels. And the grid-style layout of the city provides no shade when it comes to summer!

Edwin Okon
Businessman, 42 (Nigerian)
There are no overrated places, in my opinion. To me, everywhere — all the cities, sightseeing places, areas famous and not so famous — are good. Everywhere I have been I have enjoyed. Japan is great.

Yuka Watanabe
Sales assistant, 31 (Japanese)
Miyajima (in Hiroshima). Actually, it was a beautiful place but my expectations were higher. I was expecting to see the torii floating on the water but when I arrived there was no water; it was low tide. I was very disappointed. I should have checked before I went.

Bryan Baier
English teacher, 26 (American)
Nagoya Castle was disappointing because of how fake it was. Up close you could tell the castle was painted concrete, and the elevator and other structures for convenience detracted from the authenticity. Before that I visited Matsumoto Castle, and going to Nagoya was a massive step down.

Paul Teer
Teacher, 32 (Welsh)
I am not really disappointed with a particular place but with people claiming service is so good, then when I go to a soba shop people offer me a fork (instead of letting me use chopsticks). I think that is a bit annoying and thus the service is overrated.

Cassandra Kocher
Company foreigner liaison, 29 (American)
Harajuku and Akihabara. I lived near Takeshita-dori for a while, but it is basically a single alley of shops all selling the same thing. Akihabara too is supposed to be an amazing place, but if you take any exit other than Electric Town, it looks like any other part of Tokyo.

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