The article “Students choose failure over uncertainty” by Chris Burgess (Zeit Gist, April 19) is truly reflective of the state of education, employment and Japanese society. I am glad to know that someone has finally voiced his or her concern over a very broken system.

While the article dealt mainly with university-level students and the job-hunting process, it should be pointed out that the failing education system goes all the way to the elementary school level. The sense of academic, social and moral responsibility and accountability is often ignored from the beginning of a student’s academic career.

When students are moved on to the next grade, or graduate when they have not shown that they can produce the minimum requirements to do so, it is problematic to say the least.

While many agree that keeping students back is not the best solution, sending them forward ill-prepared is just as bad, if not worse.

I agree that the system needs to be revamped, but it should be revamped from the elementary level all the way to university level.

If we do not strengthen the foundation, we will never rise; we will never produce the high-quality student we need to get Japan moving again.


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