What would you suggest doing on a 48-hour stopover in Tokyo?


Barney Day
Musician, 33 (English)
If you’re in Tokyo and you want to hear music, go to Koenji, the home of J-punk and small bars that feel like home. It’s close to Shinjuku.

Tom Coulton (English/Japanese)
Photographer/writer, 29

Take the Enoshima Electric Railway (Enoden). Get off at Kamakura Kokomae with a bento, sit on the beach, eat and drink. Then go and see the Big Buddha.

Sabine Chivari
Relocation firm employee, 27 (German)
Go to Kappazushi. My boyfriend and I only paid ¥1,500. We ordered “invented sushi,” like corn-shrimp gratin sushi. We won a game by putting our plates in a hole!

John DeKnock
English teacher, 25 (English)
If you are stopping over in Japan, why not play scissors-paper-stone in a maid cafe? And then follow that up with making a fool of yourself at karaoke.

Urara K
Bank employee, 28 (Japanese)s
Take the Hato Bus. It will take you to all the best spots in this megacity. Then be sure to visit Asakusa to experience the traditional side of Japanese culture.

Sei Murayama
Art student, 22 (Japanese)
You should go and do purikura (group photo booths) in Shibuya. Then go shopping at 109-2. The staff are very handsome and the clothes are fantastic.