Now that summer is over, what are you looking forward to?


Masahi Hanada, trader, 27 and Natsuko Suzuki, office worker, 24
We love going to outdoor baths in winter. Sitting in hot water with the cold winter weather all around you is very relaxing.

Jimmy Smith
Charity manager, 23 (U.K.)
I want to see the Hadaka (naked) Matsuri. The idea of drinking beer with lots of elderly Japanese wearing only their pants is oddly intriguing. Until then, I’ll practice.

Fumi Hasegawa
Restaurant staff, 25
I love the autumn leaves changing color. The red leaves look beautiful in the mountains, but you can see them just riding around on a bicycle in Tokyo, too.

Yusuke Hoshikawa
Mechanic, 31
I love eating nabe in the winter. Especially chige nabe, which is a spicy Korean one. It is great to have a big hot pot and share it with your friends. It warms you up too.

Marcello Mereu
Head chef, 43 (Italian)
The summer may be over, but soon I will have the chance to go on holiday. I will find a hot country and I will be able to relive the summer all over again.

Makoto Ohashi
Butcher, 31
I always look forward to kakutogi (martial arts) — a whole autumn of events like aikido and K-1. Also we can eat delicious sanma (saury) in the winter.