What do you make of Japanese schoolchildren having to wear shorts all year round?


Kaori Ahara, 20
I think it’s normal. When I look at them I feel energized. They look very cute and lively at the same time, just as children should be.

Mario Talamo, 28
It’s crazy! I feel very sorry for them when I see them at train stations trying to warm themselves up by standing close to each other. They must be really cold!

Anna Shigemitsu, 21
When I look at them in winter it makes me feel colder myself. I wouldn’t like my child to have to wear shorts, especially if it rained or snowed.

Leo Morgan, 21
My brother had to do exactly the same thing back in England and found it really oppressive. He hated it. Teachers and parents should think of what’s practical for kids.

Maki Tominaga, 21
Do children abroad not do that? To us it’s something rather natural, so I’ve never really thought about it. When my younger brother had to wear shorts I felt sorry for him.

Hiroko Edami, 20
Japanese schoolchildren used to dress like that during the war, and the tradition has carried on up to the present day. I actually find it quite appealing.