What advice would you give to fellow students of Japanese?


Beck Jones, 25
Teacher (Australian)
Go to karaoke and get familiar with popular Japanese songs. It’s a good way to practice reading quickly, and you won’t be able to get the songs out of your head!

Tony Chan, 40
Hair stylist (Chinese)
Reading and writing were very easy for me, but speaking and listening proved very difficult. I found watching programs on NHK really useful for improving pronunciation.

Fanny Amare, 29
Banker (French)
It is important to make lots of Japanese friends — both male and female — and to talk with them. Also, why not try giving out free hugs in Shibuya?

Lydia Leung, 30
Teacher (Canadian)
I recommend watching TV dramas on sites like YouTube with the English subtitles. You can practice by repeating the lines, and, if you really get into it, act it out with a friend.

Steve Fryer, 37
Teacher (British)
Go to your city office and find out about their free weekly lessons. The teachers are friendly, helpful volunteers, and it’s fun and free. A great way to start!

Emmeline Scott, 29
Office worker (British)
You can download software for learning Japanese onto your iPhone. You can learn kanji, new words and even pronunciation, all without leaving your bed.