What advice do you have for new U.S. President Barack Obama?


Genki Ofuki
IT, 31
Among Asian countries, Japan is one of the most important to America. Obama should nurture ties with Japan because Japan has supported America recently.

Emiko Takeda
Animation firm, 34
America has so many problems around the world, and it has to address these, but first it needs to tackle domestic matters like employment and social issues.

Masaru Takai
Advertising, 29
At the moment there are three main issues for America: Israel, Iraq and the economy. America should fix the economic situation first because it affects the whole world.

Tamaki Yasuharu
Paper recycling firm, 32
I want Obama to protect large U.S. companies, because if a lot of big American businesses crash, the knock-on effect around the world would be a disaster.

Zoe Ng (Hong Kong)
Student, 27
Americans are worried about the dollar. They need to feel secure in their jobs. More employment would allow for tax cuts and up public spending, which would aid the dollar.

Guido Clever (German)
Scientist, 32
I hope Obama will follow through with his pledged changes in environmental policy. He should speed up research on renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gases.