If you could change one thing about Japan, what would it be?


Ken Hirota
Furniture maker, 35
Lighting, especially in homes. People use the big circular lights, which are too bright. In the West, people tend to use a more relaxed, yellow-orange lighting scheme.

Chiharu Orimo
Bank employee, 35
I like to go out in the evening and often I’m with friends till after the last train. I don’t know why trains don’t run 24 hours. Taxis are expensive too.

Mac Salman (British)
Equity analyst, 30
I still don’t understand why ATMs have to close. I can’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be open 24 hours a day in Japan, as they are in other countries.

Nachi Okamura
Student, 22
The trains are too crowded. Even if the trains are packed, people will still push their way on. In the U.K. and Canada, people just wait patiently for the next train.

Jan Willem Smit (Dutch)
Finance firm chief, 31
Japan only has a 30 percent turnout at the polls, so the people need to be more politically aware. Also there needs to be more diversity in the parties to vote for.

Danielle Kelly (Australian)
Video production, 37
So many people smoke here, and it surprises me that even in fast food restaurants, where many young people and children go, smoking is still allowed.