Takashi M.
Entrepeneur, 36
I’ve eaten it three times. It’s not so delicious. I don’t think many people like it. I don’t know why it’s still whaled, but one reason is tradition. Other countries don’t have a right to say Japan can’t hunt them.

T. Ishige
Television, 31
When I was little I had it a lot in school. My mother never cooked it when I was young, so it’s just not something I would think of eating. Maybe she didn’t like it, but also it’s hard to find in stores.

Jimmy Utley
Graduate student, 26
I’ve never had it, but I’m a bit suspicious of strong anti-whaling views, as I’m not sure many species are actually endangered. It seems hypocritical; it’s not more wrong to kill whales than other animals.

M. Taraka
Student, 22
I have never eaten whale meat, and I don’t want to eat it either. I don’t agree with whaling, which many people think is strange coming from a Japanese person.

Aya Semoto
Graduate student, 27
No, I don’t eat whale meat. To be honest, I’m just not familiar with it. The taste is apparently not very good, and also it’s expensive. I don’t even think about it.

Noboru Kubo
Consultant, 44
I don’t eat it very often, only three or four times a year. When I have it, it’s not a special treat. If I go to an “izakaya,” I might have it with sake or beer, like bar food, as sashimi or fried.

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