What’s the most important issue when it comes to voting?


Regina Bediko
Student, 20 (American)
I would want to give more rights to immigrants — like by giving them rights to vote. In America it’s becoming too immigrant-unfriendly and we need to fix that.

Yoshiaki Kumahira
Businessman, 59
All of the Constitution, not just Article 9, should be reviewed. The government structure should also change. Those are the most important issues. Human rights are also an important issue.

Ayaka Kato
Office worker, 32
The environment matters most to me because, in my daily life, I’m always conscious about what’s going on in the world and I’m worried about what’s happening to the Earth.

Kentaro Cho
Office worker, 29
The pension plan is the most important issue for me because I pay for it now and my future depends on it. I worry that I might lose some of my pension to support the huge aging population.

Liza Blex
Student, 21 (American)
Education is most important to me. I think it’s a very underfunded section of the government. It would solve a lot of problems if the country would just put more money into it.

Scott Marescaux
Teacher, 27 (Canadian)
The environment is pretty important because the situation is getting serious and needs some action. My next priorities would be foreign policy, aid and trade — those kinds of issues.