Imagine, just for a moment, that you are a horse.

Not a police horse, head slung low as you march across the unforgiving asphalt, or a four-legged laborer at some local riding club where stalls are rarely cleaned. No, you are a sleek young racehorse with a list of victories to your good name. In your stellar career, you've already won your owners hundreds of millions of yen in prize money. Why, you're probably the Derby favorite this year.

With a record like that, chances are you've spent time at the luxurious Miho Training Center in Ibaraki Prefecture -- at more than 2 sq. km, Japan's largest training facility for racehorses and the proving grounds for some of the country's, and the world's, finest steeds. Every aspect of Miho is designed with the welfare of the animals in mind. All pretending aside, this is the kind of place most horses could only dream of.