It is only April, but we already have a good candidate for photo of the year.

On April 12, German police shut down a Palestine Congress that was set to take place in Berlin, and among those arrested was Udi Raz, a devout Jew with a red yarmulke. In photos and videos of the incident, one can clearly see the smirking aggression on the faces of the policemen — reminiscent of their forebears in the 1930s — as they drag away a Jew.

Among those swept up in the ongoing struggle against antisemitism in Germany, many are Jews. The Palestine Congress itself was a joint initiative of the Berlin-based organization Jewish Voice for a just peace in the Middle East and the pan-European political movement and party DiEM25, whose top figure is former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis. Yet the German Ministry of the Interior has now banned Varoufakis not only from entering the country, but even from online participation in any political activities there.