The prices of 2,806 food items will be raised in Japan in April, a survey by research firm Teikoku Databank has shown.

The figure exceeds 2,000 for the first time since October last year, though down 48.1% from April last year, when prices increased for 5,404 items, the firm said Friday.

Price increases backed by higher ingredient costs have started to come back due to unstable weather, a Teikoku Databank official said.

In April, processed meat manufacturer Itoham Foods will raise prices for 220 items by about 2% to 25%.

Kikkoman will raise the suggested retail price of a 300-gram pack of Del Monte brand tomato ketchup to ¥319 from ¥292.

Suntory Spirits will raise the price of a 700-milliliter single malt whisky aged 12 years to ¥16,500 from ¥11,000. Similarly, Asahi Breweries will raise whisky prices.

In the confectionary category, Morinaga & Co. will raise shipping prices for 49 products, including its peanut-flavored Chocoball, by 3.3% to 18%.