Yoshio Nakamura

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Business | JAPANESE PERSPECTIVES Feb 26, 2007

Push market integration in expanding East Asia

As robust economic expansion continues worldwide, emerging economic powers like the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and other Asian countries are riding a wave of globalization to achieve rapid growth. At the same time, advanced nations such as the United States have introduced bold ...

Business | JAPANESE PERSPECTIVES Jul 24, 2006

Cutting corporate taxes best course for Japan

The government's 2006 basic policy on economic and fiscal management and structural reforms, approved by the Cabinet on July 7, established two national pillars of economic policy for the coming decade -- the pursuit of growth in a shrinking population, and the rebuilding of ...

Business | JAPANESE PERSPECTIVES Jun 19, 2006

Keidanren to use same play book under Mitarai

On May 24 the Keidanren started anew under the leadership of Canon Inc. Chairman Fujio Mitarai, who has declared his goals to be the "innovation of Japan" and the continuation of the organization's drive for structural reforms under his predecessor Hiroshi Okuda. Years of structural ...