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National Aug 5, 2006

U.K. curators fret that Japan artifacts are gathering dust

British museums and galleries are looking for ways to revitalize their collections of Japanese artifacts and increase the public's interest in them. Britain has one of the largest and most diverse collections of Japanese items outside Japan. There are an estimated half a million objects ...

British publishers soar in face of 'manga' boom

National Jun 16, 2006

British publishers soar in face of 'manga' boom

Slow to take off, "manga" comics have finally hit it big in Britain and are now the fastest-growing sector in the publishing industry here. Many young Brits who think Japan is cool have been drawn to manga through animation films, computer games and toys just ...

'Koban' bobbies aid lost in Piccadilly

National Apr 4, 2006

'Koban' bobbies aid lost in Piccadilly

Japanese tourists visiting London may feel like they are back at home with the recent introduction of a police box in the center of the capital, similar to the "koban" found throughout Japan. London's police erected a ministation in Piccadilly Circus -- the heart of ...

National Mar 14, 2006

Japan urged to champion curbs on firearms trade

LONDON (Kyodo) Campaigners on Monday called on Japan to lead efforts to strengthen the international code on the export of small arms. The London-based International Action Network on Small Arms, a group of more than 700 civic organizations around the world, wants the rules to ...

National Jan 24, 2006

Queen nixed mum's surrender sword slight: book

LONDON (Kyodo) Despite her rather formal appearance, Queen Elizabeth is known to enjoy the occasional joke and can take pleasure when formal proceedings don't go exactly as planned. However, one potential slight on Japan's Imperial family was just too much for her, according to a ...

Business Apr 28, 2005

BBC Japan off to a solid start, despite distribution gripes

LONDON (Kyodo) BBC Japan, the British Broadcasting Corp.'s channel dedicated to Japanese viewers, has had an encouraging start since its December launch, but senior managers acknowledge that the choice of a digital platform has caused criticism. The channel, a mixture of light entertainment, documentaries and ...

National Jan 5, 2002

British lord was spy for Japan

A pillar of the British establishment was passing secret information about aviation design to Japan during the 1920s, according to secret government files declassified Thursday. The British Foreign Office files from 1926 show that Lord Sempill, reputedly one of the founders of the Royal Flying ...