Shlomo Avineri

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Commentary / World Jul 25, 2016

The death of Turkish secularism

Will President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continue to pursue his authoritarian path or will he reach out to his opponents and attempt to bridge the deep fissures in Turkish society?

The Middle East crack-up

Commentary / World Aug 29, 2014

The Middle East crack-up

The horror stories emerging from northern Iraq, as well as the continuing slaughter in Syria's civil war, point to the unraveling of the state system established after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire almost 100 years ago.

Commentary / World Apr 30, 2012

Is it an Arab spring for new borders?

Two things stand out in the Middle East since the Arab Spring began — one that happened, and one that did not. What happened was that for the first time in modern Arab history, authoritarian regimes and rulers were toppled, or seriously challenged, by ...

Commentary / World Oct 28, 2011

Neighbors warily eye a more muscular Turkey

The recent surge in Turkey's military actions against the Kurds in northern Iraq is an indication that, somewhat surprisingly — but not entirely unpredictably — Turkish foreign policy has undergone a 180-degree turn in less than two years. The Turkish offensive is also an ...

Commentary / World May 12, 2011

The long road to Arab democracy

During the turmoil of the French Revolution, a popular saying arose: "How beautiful was the republic — under the monarchy." The revolution aimed at achieving liberty, equality and fraternity. Instead, it wrought for France Jacobin terror, rightwing counterterror, decades of war and then Napoleonic ...