Orville Schell

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Reader Mail Apr 22, 2012

Keep the wrecking ball at bay

I like Tokyo Tower. I will get used to the Tokyo Sky Tree (public opening due May 22), but for now I feel more for the familiar graceful lines and the more humane proportions of the older tower. It is an architectural icon, and ...

Reader Mail Dec 8, 2011

Defense official deserves respect

Regarding the Dec. 2 editorial "Abominable remark over Futenma": Perhaps the comment of the now former Okinawa Defense Bureau chief, Satoshi Tanaka, should be taken with a translation of "screwed over" rather than "raped". In which case his comment would suggest that the Japanese ...

Commentary / World Aug 5, 2010

Singing the siren song of capital controls

ITHACA, New York — Capital controls are back in vogue. Facing sharp currency appreciation and fearing asset-price booms fueled by hot money, countries such as Indonesia, Korea, and Taiwan have recently taken steps to limit inflows. Nervous central bankers in many other emerging markets, including ...

Commentary / World May 27, 2010

'Self-reliance' no longer an option for China

GUIZHUO, China — The Huangguoshu waterfall in China's southwestern Guizhou Province is a magnificent sight, when there is water. The largest waterfall in Asia, it plunges over a sheer cliff more than 60 meters high in a thundering display of foam, mist and rainbows. Unfortunately, ...

Editorials Sep 5, 2009

Justice in Scotland

Justice should be tempered by mercy. That was the thinking of the government of Scotland when it decided to release Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, who is suffering from terminal cancer, from prison, eight years into a 27-year minimum sentence for blowing up an airliner over ...