Nobuko Mizutani

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Language | COMMUNICATION CUES Jan 12, 2014

Washoku added to UNESCO heritage list

Washoku, traditional Japanese cuisine, has been added to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list, raising the government's hopes of enhancing its global recognition, attracting more foreign tourists and boosting exports of the country's agricultural products.

Language | COMMUNICATION CUES Dec 29, 2013

An automatic brake demonstration

At a car dealership in Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture, an accident took place on the 10th, while the automatic brakes of a Mazda car were being demonstrated. Mazda announced on the 12th that it will voluntarily refrain from offering such test drives until the ...

Language | COMMUNICATION CUES Dec 15, 2013

Unordered merchandise scam

The joint investigation headquarters of four prefectures, including Saitama, arrested 11 people on the 30th, including former employees of Kenbi Food, a health supplement company, for their involvement in a false-order swindle.

Language | COMMUNICATION CUES Dec 1, 2013

A record number of typhoons

The fifth typhoon in O ctober is approaching Japan, the most in the history of observation. According to the Meteorological Agency, the number of typhoons coming to Japan in October is 1.5 times that of an ordinary year; the four in 1955 and 2012, ...

Language | COMMUNICATION CUES Nov 3, 2013

Increased women's power in the police

The Metropolitan Police Department has worked out guidelines in an effort to provide a good working environment for women so that women's abilities and viewpoints can be utilized, and has started to consider concrete measures to tackle this problem.

Language | COMMUNICATION CUES Oct 27, 2013

How young people view the future

Ima-no seikatsu-ni manzoku, demo Nihon-no mirai-wa keizaiteki-ni fuan... Wakamono-no ōku-ga sonna ishiki-wo motte-iru koto-ga Kōseirōdōshō-no chōsa-de wakari-mashita. 3-gatsu-ni 15-sai-kara 39-sai-wo taishō-ni ishiki-chōsa-o okonai, 3-zen-nin-amari-kara kaitō-wo emashita. Ima-no seikatsu-ni "manzoku"-to kotaeta-nowa, zentai-no yaku 63-pāsento-de, manzoku-no saidai-no riyū-wa "kazoku, koibito, yūjin-nado-ga iru," "shumi-ga aru," nado, seishintekina ...