Sample newspaper article


警視庁はこのほど、女性職員の働きやすい職場づくりを進め、女性の能力や視点をいっそう生かしていくとの指針をまとめ、具体的な取り組みの検討を始めた。同庁の女性警察官は 4月 1日時点で3467人。全警察官の7.9%にとどまっている。この割合を2020年度までにおよそ10%までひきあげることをめざす。また同庁では既婚の女性職員約2700人の約 8割が同僚の男性職員と結婚している。指針は、男性職員に育児参加などを促すことが女性職員の負担軽減や仕事への集中につながると指摘、男性職員が育児に参加しやすい環境をつくることも求めている。 (Sept. 20)

Words and phrases

警視庁 (Keishichō) Metropolitan Police Department; 女性 (josei) woman; 職員 (shokuin) employee; 働きやすい (hatara-) easy to work; 職場 (shokuba) workplace; 進め (susu-) promote; 能力 (nōryoku) capacity; 視点 (shiten) viewpoint; いっそうmore than ever; 生かし (i-) make the most of; 指針 (shishin) guidelines; まとめ put together; 具体的 (gutaiteki) concrete; 取り組み (to-ku-) effort; 検討 (kentō) consideration; 同庁 (dō-) same department; 警察官 (keisatsukan) police officer; 時点 (jiten) as of; 全 (zen) all; とどまって do not go beyond; 割合 (wariai) rate; 年度 (nendo) fiscal year; めざす aim at; 既婚 (kikon) married; 約 (yaku) about; 割 (wari) 10 percent; 同僚 (dōryō) colleague; 男性 (dansei) man; 育児 (ikuji) childraising; 参加 (sanka) take part; 促す(unaga-) urge; 負担 (futan) burden; 軽減 (keigen) decrease; 仕事 (shigoto) work; 集中 (shūchū) concentrate; つながる lead to; 指摘 (shiteki) point out; 環境 (kankyō) environment; 求め (moto-) request

Sample radio or television report

Keishichō-wa konohodo, josei-shokuin-no hataraki-yasui shokuba-zukuri-wo susume, josei-no nōryoku-ya shiten-wo issōikashite-iku-tono shishin-wo matome, gutaiteki-na torikumi-no kentō-wo hajimemashita. Dōchō-no josei-keisatsukan-wa 4-gatsu tsuitachi-jiten-de 3467-nin-de, zen-keisatsukan-no 7-ten-9-pāsento-ni todomatte-imasu. Kono wariai-wo 2020-nendo-madeni oyoso 10-pāsento-made hikiageru koto-wo mezashimasu. Mata dōchō-dewa kikon-no josei-shokuin yaku 2700-nin-no yaku 8- wari-ga dōryō-no dansei-shokuin-to kekkon-shite-imasu. Shishin-wa dansei-shokuin-ni ikuji-sanka-nado-wo unagasu koto-ga josei-shokuin-no futan-keigen-ya shigoto-eno shūchū-ni tsunagaru-to shiteki, dansei-shokuin-ga ikuji-ni sanka-shiyasui kankyō-wo tsukuru koto-mo motomete-imasu.


The Metropolitan Police Department has worked out guidelines in an effort to provide a good working environment for women so that women’s abilities and viewpoints can be utilized, and has started to consider concrete measures to tackle this problem. The department had 3,478 policewomen as of April, only 7.9 percent of the total number of police officers. The aim is to raise the figure to 10 percent by the 2020 fiscal year. Also, among 2,700 married female workers in the department, roughly 80 percent of workers are married to fellow police officers. Urging such husbands to participate in child raising will help reduce the wives’ burden and allow them to concentrate more on their jobs. Thus the guidlines also request that policemen should be urged to take part in child raising.

A conversation between acquaintances

A: Keisatsu-demo josei-no katsuyaku-ni kitai-shite-ru-sō-desu. (Aparently, women’s active participation is expected in the police force, too.)

B: Josei-keikan-wa fuenakya. (There should be a greater number of policewomen.)

Conversation between a husband and wife

H: Josei-no omawarisan-ga ōku naru-to keisatsu-no imeeji-mo kawaru-ne. (If there were more policewomen, the image of the police would improve.)

W: Kowai tokoro-de naku naru-kamo. (It may be less scary to visit the police station.) (No. 1183)

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