Jennifer Rubin

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Commentary / World Jan 8, 2013

Leave gay-bashing out of defense of marriage

Social conservatives who oppose gay marriage have suffered a series of losses as voters have embraced gay marriage in state referendums and in public polling. The argument that gay marriage "harms" heterosexual marriage is not one that has found resonance with most Americans. That is ...

Commentary / World Sep 27, 2012

Obama's first-term regrets raise serious concerns

Maybe it was simple pandering when U.S. President Barack Obama told an interviewer at the Spanish-language TV network Univision that his biggest failure was in not getting comprehensive immigration reform. But, come to think of it, wasn't it equally weird to name "failing to ...

Commentary / World Aug 31, 2012

Ten myths about the U.S. Republican agenda

There are a lot of pundits here in Tampa with no real politics to report on. So I thought now would be a good idea to do some explaining about the odd natives (well, natives for only a few days), whom the punditocracy has ...