Jean-pierre Lehmann

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Commentary / World Mar 4, 2016

The Trump effect on China

If the Chinese believe that they are being thwarted from getting their due place in the global sun, their anger could fuel the rise of a populist leader.

Commentary / World Feb 14, 2014

Asia's democratic dramas

Socially and economically, Asia now stands roughly where Europe was at the start of the 20th century. One can only hope that its democratic journey will be shorter and less violent.

Commentary / World Sep 25, 2003

So little done with so many

GENEVA — The outcome of the World Trade Organization ministerial midterm review in Cancun, Mexico (Sept. 12-14), was an unmitigated disaster. The United States, European Union and Japan share equal responsibility for failing to stand by the commitments they had made in the Doha ...

Commentary | JAPAN IN THE GLOBAL ERA Jan 21, 2003

Cultural powerhouse needed

LAUSANNE, Switzerland -- Sustainable globalization needs Japan to be actively involved, if only because of the size of its economy. For its part, Japan stands to contribute a great deal to globalization. The Japanese establishment, however, has hobbled the country with gerontocratic governance, obsolescent ...

Commentary | JAPAN IN THE GLOBAL ERA Jan 6, 2003

Atavistic racism: greatest impediment

LAUSANNE, Switzerland -- A central argument of many observers of Japan, myself included, is that there has been very little change and no leadership. The two are interwoven: leadership is required to generate and manage change. The Japanese system that was quite appropriate, dynamic ...