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National Jul 27, 2010

Model-making adds glam to bridge divide

Having long been the domain of boys and men, plastic models are now becoming popular with the opposite sex. The difference is that while men try to make plastic models as authentic as possible, women appear willing to add something extra to make them ...

National Mar 8, 2010

Prefectural governments give telecommuting a try

The government is getting back on the telecommuting bandwagon in an attempt to promote a better a work-life balance for the nation's stressed-out workforce and to combat global warming. In 2007, the government laid out a plan to expand the telecommuting workforce to 13 million ...

Overheated runners seek sweet hydration

National Jul 15, 2008

Overheated runners seek sweet hydration

In a marathon, runners may have to drink up to 3 liters of water before they cross the finish line, and at points along the course bottles of energy drinks whose contents take the weather and physical conditions into account are made available to ...

Pension yen goes long way in Philippines

National Dec 28, 2005

Pension yen goes long way in Philippines

Twelve years have passed since Tsukasa Takeuchi, 73, moved with his wife, Setsuko, 72, to Puerto Azul, a prominent high-quality villa in the Philippines, a two-hour drive south of Manila. A spacious terrace off the living room, where the couple have breakfast and can look ...

Philippines wooing Japan's aged with skilled, low-cost care

National Dec 27, 2005

Philippines wooing Japan's aged with skilled, low-cost care

In a spacious room at the Rose Princes Home, a nursing facility on the outskirts of Manila, a caregiver feeds an 81-year-old partially paralyzed Japanese man. The man moved to the Philippines five years ago, after his wife died. Beside his bed are a Buddhist ...

National Aug 7, 2001

Japanese prosthesis maker finds her calling in Rwanda

As Rwandan swimmer Cesar Rwagasana strode into the Sydney stadium during the opening ceremony of last year's Paralympic Games, he was closely followed by Mami Yoshida, the woman who helped him walk again. The swimmer, who lost his left leg in the conflict after the ...