Barbara Sumner

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| Jun 22, 2001

Sho-chan's send-off

In Japan, leave-takings are marked with fanfare. Parties, gifts, speeches, photos, train-platform farewells, never-ending waves goodbye and bows -- the Japanese really know how to say sayonara. As a long-term resident of Japan, I have been on the receiving end of these rituals many ...

Jun 1, 2001

The day we met Sho-chan

My son did not fall in love with me at first sight. On the day we met, Sho-chan had been awakened prematurely from his afternoon nap and was feeling grumpy. The caregivers at the children's home had told him "Mama" and "Papa" were coming, ...

| May 18, 2001

A journey with two routes

Like every other woman crammed into the waiting-room couches at the infertility clinic, I was desperate to conceive a child. Trying to become pregnant through artificial means had consumed my emotional and physical energy for over three years. Every time a heavily pregnant woman, ...