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Reader Mail Dec 6, 2012

No shortcut to the master level

A thank you to Amy Chavez for her Dec. 1 column, "The best-ever tips on learning Japanese." I am pleased that Chavez knows how to write the truth with heart. Her article is the stake in the heart of those that whine about Japanese ...

Reader Mail Aug 9, 2012

A sign of giving up on pacifism

In his Aug. 4 article, "Why Japan should amend its war-renouncing Article 9," Craig Martin tries to make a case for giving in to the demands of Japan's rightwing by ending 65 years of pacifism. Not only do I think that this is a ...

Reader Mail Feb 16, 2012

Consider the defense alternative

Regarding the Feb. 10 Kyodo article "Iwakuni housing land sale in doubt": Does the Japanese government have no honor? Is its word no good? First we had the interminable squabbles over moving the bulk of the 3rd Marine Division from Okinawa to Guam, and ...

Editorials May 23, 2009

Record fall for GDP

Japan's gross domestic product in real terms in the January-March 2009 period declined 4 percent from the previous quarter for an annualized contraction of 15.2 percent, a postwar record, following a revised annualized 14.4 percent drop in the October-December 2008 period. The drop in ...