Harsh V. Pant


Harsh V. Pant
Apr 19, 2013
China-Pakistan nuclear axis defies nonproliferation aims
The China-Pakistan relationship may be the only one where a nuclear-armed state has passed on fissile material and a bomb design to a nonnuclear weapons state.
Apr 1, 2013
Pipeline politics in South Asia getting murkier
The start of Pakistani construction on a much-delayed gas pipeline from Iran is a snub at the U.S. as it seeks to isolate Iran for its nuclear program.
Feb 25, 2013
China's Gwadar plunge could constrain India
Chinese development of Pakistan's Gwadar port and other facilities around India into viable strategic outposts would limit India's options significantly.
Jan 28, 2013
Rising son can't resolve India's leadership crisis
When Rahul Gandhi was formally anointed to the number two position in India's Congress party, his installation as vice president was accompanied by the usual shenanigans among party operatives.
Jan 14, 2013
Abe's opportunity to remake Indo-Japanese ties
With the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) winning a landslide in Japanese parliamentary elections and Shinzo Abe assuming the office of prime minister in Japan for the second time, India-Japan ties have entered a new phase.
Dec 17, 2012
Sino-Indian border deadlock raises tensions; ambiguity of past accords hinders settlement
Indian national security adviser Shivshankar Menon went to Beijing the week before last to have his last formal meeting with his Chinese counterpart, State Councilor Dai Bingguo, who will be retiring in March next year.
Jan 3, 2012
Chinese military bases are about more than just naval supplies and protecting trade routes
So finally it is out in the open. China will be setting up its first military base abroad in Seychelles to "seek supplies and recuperate" facilities for its navy.
Dec 19, 2011
Road map for Afghanistan as contested as ever
Another conference on Afghanistan has come and gone, but the problem remains as intractable as ever. No one has any idea how the underlying issues facing Afghanistan and the region will be resolved, but the international community soldiers on in the hope that ultimately there will be light at the end...
Nov 28, 2011
Australia's change of tack on uranium exports will help to refashion Asia-Pacific strategy
The decision by the Australian government to revoke its ban on uranium exports to India has underlined the rapidly changing strategic reality in the Asian strategic landscape.
Nov 21, 2011
Improvement in Indian-Pakistani trade ties bodes well for resolving conflict in South Asia
The summit meetings of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation are not the most exciting of gatherings and for years SAARC has been known for not delivering. But the latest summit held in the Maldives will be remembered, not for any substantive achievement of SAARC itself but for the fact...
Nov 15, 2011
The upper hand on post-U.S. Afghan stability
All regional players are struggling to come to terms with the withdrawal of NATO-led Western forces from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. Early this month, Istanbul became the latest venue where 12 regional states and the Afghan government came together to try again to agree on ways of bringing some semblance...
Nov 2, 2011
India's Look East policy in top gear
Oct 12, 2011
Joint interests draw Kabul and New Delhi closer
The Afghanistan-Pakistan (Af-Pak) story took another turn with the visit of Afghan President Hamid Karzai to Delhi early last week. In Afghanistan's first strategic pact with any country, Kabul and New Delhi signed a landmark strategic partnership agreement during Karzai's visit.
Sep 26, 2011
ditching water-sharing deal, India fumbles historic opportunity to reshape neighborhood
It was being touted as the visit that would shift paradigms and mark a historic change in the trajectory of India's relations with Bangladesh. In the end the Indian prime minister's visit to Dhaka earlier this month did nothing of the sort.
Sep 19, 2011
India and China in deep water over sovereignty
An unidentified Chinese warship demanded that the INS Airavat, an amphibious assault vessel, identify itself and explain its presence in the South China Sea after it left Vietnamese waters in late July, London's Financial Times reported.
Jul 25, 2011
Challenge to India's nuclear trade persists as suppliers group adds tighter guidelines
At the end of the second annual Indo-U.S. Strategic Dialogue held in New Delhi, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made it clear that there were "issues" that had to be resolved by India and the United States in the civil nuclear field. She did not go into specifics.
Jul 18, 2011
India trying to woo Myanmar from China
Even as a senior Burmese diplomat in Washington has defected, Burmese prodemocracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi has suggested that some people, both at home and abroad, have deceived themselves into thinking a new government has brought change to her country.
Jun 14, 2011
Great Game in the Indian Ocean
Revelations that Pakistan has invited China to build a naval base at the strategic port of Gwadar once again underlines widespread anxiety in India and beyond about Beijing's Indian Ocean objectives.
Jun 6, 2011
India finds its second wind with Afghanistan
With strategic realities in South Asia radically shifting in the aftermath of Osama bin Laden's death, India's prime minister lost no time in reaching out to Afghanistan during a recent two-day visit to Kabul, where he announced a fresh commitment of $500 million toward Afghanistan's development...
May 23, 2011
India's show of strategic autonomy flouts Washington's 'investment' in building ties
Finally, the Indian government seems to have convinced its domestic detractors that it is indeed "nonaligned" and that its foreign policy is not being crafted in Washington.


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