Enda Curran
Japan Times
Jun 6, 2019
Japan holds its own debate on Modern Monetary Theory
The hottest economic doctrine around says governments should stop worrying and learn to love their public debt. Japan has been more relaxed than most — but a looming tax hike suggests it may be about to blink.
Japan Times
Jun 5, 2019
World's central banks poised to act as global economic warnings flash
Central banks are resuming their first-responder role as the world economy runs into trouble, even as they lack the firepower they once had at their disposal.
Japan Times
Feb 25, 2019
Trump trade truce removes a cloud over global economy — for now
U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to extend the deadline for increasing tariffs on Chinese goods defuses one of the biggest risks hanging over global trade, investment and sentiment.
BUSINESS / Economy
Jan 29, 2019
Executives raise global growth alarm on risks from China and trade to Brexit
Corporate executives are increasingly nervous about the global economic outlook as they see threats multiplying from China to trade to Brexit.
Japan Times
May 16, 2018
Next-generation technology tipped to reboot Asian economies after smartphones peak
The technology boom powering Asia's economies is about to get a reboot.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Economy
Feb 26, 2018
Apple and autos add fresh impulse to world economy as capital spending spreads
Companies across the developing world are stepping up investment to meet rising demand from industrial economies, in a development that is further boosting already buoyant global growth.
Japan Times
Nov 1, 2017
In Japan, wages stubbornly refuse to rise despite tight labor market and steady economic growth
Japan is discovering that even the tightest labor market in a generation is no quick spur for higher wages.
Japan Times
Sep 3, 2017
Cryptocurrencies threaten central banks' control over money supply — and officials study using their technology
The boom in cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology is becoming too big for central banks, long the guardian of official money, to ignore.
Japan Times
Mar 1, 2017
Asia needs $26 trillion infrastructure investment by 2030, report says
Asia's infrastructure race is just getting started.
Japan Times
Jan 17, 2017
Xi, unlikely champion for business elites, takes Davos spotlight
When Xi Jinping addresses business elites at Davos, the Chinese president will find himself an unlikely champion of the trade-based global order Donald Trump has derided. His new role could prove to be one of his biggest tests.
Dec 21, 2016
Kuroda breathes easier, at least for now, as stars align for Bank of Japan
After a long year, the Bank of Japan unexpectedly finds itself in a sweet spot.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Economy
Dec 6, 2016
Trump's stimulus plan may give Japan a welcome tailwind in 2017
For now, the global winds are at Japan's back.
Japan Times
Nov 4, 2016
Trump is not the only one casting political risk cloud over Southeast Asia
Donald Trump's protectionist policies aside, rising political risk in Southeast Asia is casting a shadow over economies that have been a driver of global growth in recent years.
Japan Times
Nov 3, 2016
Japan quietly accepting foreign workers — just don't call it immigration
Send us your construction workers, your care givers, your store clerks — but for a limited time only.
Japan Times
Jul 30, 2016
Kuroda leads BOJ to a policy crossroads
After more than three years of pumping out cheap money that has failed to secure its inflation target, the Bank of Japan has signaled a rethink.
Japan Times
May 23, 2016
G-7 finance meeting reveals sharper gap on currency tactics
Two days of talks last week between finance chiefs from the world's biggest advanced economies at a hot springs resort in Sendai were marked by some of the sharpest dissonance in years between the U.S. and Japan over exchange-rate policies.
Japan Times
Feb 1, 2016
BOJ market magician Kuroda pulls another rabbit from his hat
The Bank of Japan continues to push the boundaries of monetary policy.
Apr 27, 2015
Abe adviser fears BOJ has den of conspirators opposing reflation
The Bank of Japan appears to be wavering in its commitment to unprecedented monetary easing, said Kozo Yamamoto, an adviser to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and an advocate of reflationary policies.
BUSINESS / Economy
Mar 18, 2015
In development bank battle, surge to China rattles Japan, U.S.
Tokyo is expressing doubts over the credibility of China's planned development bank, as European nations seek to join the new institution.


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