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Jordanian prosecutors will charge a Mainichi Shimbun photojournalist this week in connection with the deadly May 1 explosion of a bomblet in his luggage at Queen Alia International Airport, a Jordanian prosecutor said Wednesday.

Muhanad Hijazi, the state security court prosecutor in charge of the case, said Hiroki Gomi, 36, will probably be charged Sunday with illegal possession of explosives, accidental homicide and damage to property.

An investigation into the incident was completed Wednesday, Hijazi said.

Prosecutors plan to finalize the indictment by Thursday, but the procedure will probably be delayed to at least Sunday. Fridays and Saturdays are public holidays in Jordan.

Hijazi said he will consider bail as soon as he receives a letter of consent from the family of airport security guard Ali al-Sarhan, who was killed in the blast. He did not give a specific date.

Earlier in the day, relatives of al-Sarhan met with Mainichi President Akira Saito and said they would consent to Gomi being released on bail.

Under Jordanian law, a suspect may be released on bail before indictment if a prosecutor concludes there is no need for further detention.

Gomi, who had been covering the war in Iraq, was about to fly from Amman airport when a cluster bomblet he brought back from Iraq as a souvenir exploded during a security check at the airport.