In America’s broad-based drive to zero in on the ever-growing Chinese market, education is no exception.

While it’s quite common for university campuses in the U.S. to have substantial numbers of Chinese students, some schools are attempting to make inroads into the education market in China. Temple University of Philadelphia is a forerunner.

In 1999, the university’s law school started in Beijing the first program granting foreign law degrees, to teach Chinese about the U. S. domestic laws and legal system as well as international law.

Since then, 65 students, mostly Chinese judges, prosecutors, government officials and legal experts, have graduated from the two-year program, according to the university. The current enrollment is 44.

In appreciation of the university’s efforts to help modernize China’s legal system, the Chinese government last week presented the National Friendship Award to Robert J. Reinstein, dean of Temple University’s School of Law.

On his way home from Beijing, where he was presented the award, he made a brief stop in Tokyo last Thursday. He said, “(This award) is consistent with their commitment of developing the rule of law in China.”

Reinstein said the university is set to expand the programs further to cater to China’s requirements.