Pommeke makes fries the main dish

by Patrick ST. Michel

Tokyo boasts plenty of Belgian culinary spots, from beer bars to chocolate shops. Chef Bart Sablon even points out that there is a Belgian waffle store right around the corner from Pommeke, a recently opened operation where the 39-year-old works as executive chef. “That’s a total coincidence, though,” he says. ...

No kitsch tag for Kitahama Retro's delight

| Jan 27, 2015

No kitsch tag for Kitahama Retro's delight

If in some yet-to-be-explained plot twist the British TV show “Downton Abbey” winds up in Osaka, expect Kitahama Retro to play a starring role. It’s period perfect — right down to the maid in her pinafore, the linen curtains, silver-service tea sets and giant ...