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/ Sep 14, 2014

Has the need for Anglo-Scottish unity run its course?

The love-hate relationship between England and Scotland has been marked by bloodthirsty medieval battles, royal marriages and executions, followed by centuries of political and social unity. While Scots prepare to vote on the 300-year-old merger with England, the history binding their fortunes goes back ...

One Direction film premiere hits London

Aug 21, 2013

One Direction film premiere hits London

Thousands of screaming teenage girls swamped London’s Leicester Square on Tuesday as British boy band One Direction launched their first film with a glitzy red carpet premiere. Fans have camped out since Sunday to secure prime spots, hoping to catch a glimpse of the ...

Thatcher's last days at the Ritz marked by loneliness, confusion

Apr 13, 2013

Thatcher's last days at the Ritz marked by loneliness, confusion

Frail, her memory failing her, and with few visitors for company, Margaret Thatcher’s final months were a marked contrast to her zenith striding the global stage. Unable to manage the stairs in her four-story townhouse, the 87-year-old was recuperating at the Ritz hotel in ...

Thatcher 'relentless in home life'

/ Apr 9, 2013

Thatcher 'relentless in home life'

Behind the black door of 10 Downing St., in her private life Margaret Thatcher was a housewife mother of sometimes troubled twins, supported by her ever-loyal husband, Denis. In her autobiography she wrote: “I could never have been prime minister for more than 11 ...