In this musical round-up, from hip-hop to vocaloid pop we don’t stop, except for a brief detour for a wedding:

  • From breakups to life as a biracial child in Japan, Kyoto rapper Daichi Yamamoto draws inspiration from his own life for his music. And, he tells Patrick St. Michel, all this rhyming about what they know and feel is what makes J-rap so great right now.
  • Now that’s what you call making the most out of a cancelled flight. Composer Terry Riley found himself marooned in Japan at the start of the pandemic, but took the opportunity to start living here, diving into a new and exciting culture, writes James Hadfield.
'Usseewa' | ADO
‘Usseewa’ | ADO
  • Not resting on her laurels after the overwhelming success of the “Demon Slayer” movie, for which she wrote for the theme tune, LiSA is proudly celebrating her 10-year anniversary with the release of a new mini-album, she tells Matthew Hernon.
  • Singer-songwriter Gen Hoshino and actress Yui Aragaki are getting married! In Japan Pulse, Kaori Shoji asks: Can this celebrity wedding set the mood for romance in a country where ever-fewer couples are walking down the aisle?
  • The debut track from teenage singer Ado, “Usseewa,” has emerged as the biggest Japanese hit of the year so far, but it’s not your average J-pop hit. Delivered in snarls and screams, it’s a broadside against modern corporate culture, writes St. Michael.