Some people in Japan have been trying to avoid our dreary reality by taking a fantastical trip to one of the country’s many theme parks. While some closed temporarily due to the ongoing pandemic, many are now open with strict mask and social distancing rules, and a few are even expanding.

The Nijigen no Mori Park on Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, unveiled its gigantic Godzilla attraction late last year. Playing the role of researchers, visitors can enter Godzilla’s body from its mouth, which is wide open in a roar, through a zip line, and take on “missions” to prevent it from going back into action.

The same theme park is also planning on creating a new attraction based on the hit video game series Dragon Quest. The new section of the park will of Dragon Quest’s 35th anniversary celebration and promises to take advantage of its 8,000-square-meter space.

First Visit to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan (Spoilers) | MARIO KART & FOOD | TDR EXPORER
First Visit to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan (Spoilers) | MARIO KART & FOOD | TDR EXPLORER

However, another video game-themed park is having trouble getting to the next level. Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan was supposed to launch its Super Nintendo World last year in time for the Olympics, but like Games themselves, the opening was pushed back to 2021, Bloomberg reported back in November.

Unfortunately that new opening date coincided with Osaka’s latest state of emergency due to rising cases of COVID-19 with a new date yet to be announced. Despite that, the park seems to have had a soft launch for Super Nintendo World, as people on social media are posting photos of themselves walking around and buying Mario-themed treats.